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Technical rule [CURRENT]

VDI 6011 Blatt 1

Lighting technology - Optimisation of daylight use and artificial lighting - Fundamentals and basic requirements
Edition 2016-07

Technical rule [CURRENT]

VDI 3812 Blatt 1

Home automation technologies - Requirements for electrical installations and building automation and control systems
Edition 2010-03

Technical rule [CURRENT]

VDI-MT 5110 Blatt 1

Mobility management for employers - Qualification criteria for mobility management professionals
Edition 2019-04

Technical rule [CURRENT]

VDI 3819 Blatt 3

Fire protection in building services - Fire protection planning and briefing - Obligations, contents and documentation
Edition 2009-01

Technical rule [CURRENT]

VDI 7000

Early public participation in industrial and infrastructure projects
Edition 2015-01

Technical rule [CURRENT]

VDI-MT 6602 Blatt 1

Project engineer in projects with external team members - Knowledge profile
Edition 2021-05

A Best Practice Guide for the Automotive Sector
Edition 2018-02

Standards [CURRENT]

SAE J 2716

SENT - Single Edge Nibble Transmission for Automotive Applications
Edition 2016-04-29

German Construction Contract Procedures: Parts A, B and C - Translations of all VOB 2019 standards
Edition 2020-03

Standards [CURRENT]

BS 8571

Method of test for determination of fracture toughness in metallic materials using single edge notched tension (SENT) specimens
Edition 2018-11-29

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