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Standards [CURRENT]

IPC 2547

Sectional Requirements for Shop Floor Equipment Communication Messages (CAMX) for Printed Circuit Board Test, Inspection and Rework
Edition 2002-01-29

Standards [CURRENT]

IPC A-630

Acceptability Standard for Manufacture, Inspection, and Testing of Electronic Enclosures
Edition 2013-10-04

Standards [CURRENT]


Guidelines for Design, Manufacture, Inspection and Testing of Electronic Enclosures
Edition 2014-06

Standards [CURRENT]

IPC OI-645

Standard for Visual Optical Inspection Aids
Edition 1993-10

Technical rule [CURRENT]

ISO/TR 10064-2 Technical Corrigendum 1

Cylindrical gears - Code of inspection practice - Part 2: Inspection related to radial composite deviations, runout, tooth thickness and backlash; Technical Corrigendum 1
Edition 2001-04