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Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ETS 300461-2

Transmission and Multiplexing (TM) - Flexible Multiplexer Equipment - Management and control functions; English version ETS 300461-2:1996
Edition 1997-07

Draft standard

DIN EN 16604-30-01

Space - Space Situational Awareness Monitoring - Part 01: Glossary of Near Earth objects and space surveillance and tracking terms; German and English version prEN 16604-30-01:2020
Edition 2020-11

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 16603-70-11

Space engineering - Space segment operability; English version EN 16603-70-11:2015
Edition 2015-04

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ISO 13373-3

Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines - Vibration condition monitoring - Part 3: Guidelines for vibration diagnosis (ISO 13373-3:2015)
Edition 2015-12

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN 9020-4

Aerospace; mass breakdown for aircraft heavier than air; detail mass statement
Edition 1983-10

Standards [CURRENT]


Dentistry - Designation system for teeth and areas of the oral cavity (ISO 3950:2016); German version EN ISO 3950:2016
Edition 2016-09

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN ISO 22600-3

Health informatics - Privilege management and access control - Part 3: Implementations (ISO 22600-3:2014); German version EN ISO 22600-3:2014
Edition 2015-02

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN 1304-2

Letter symbols for physical quantities; symbols to be used in meteorology and geophysics
Edition 1989-09

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 17350

SCM - Scheduling and Commanding Message - Standard; German version EN 17350:2020
Edition 2021-12

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN 45669-2

Measurement of vibration immission - Part 2: Measuring method
Edition 2005-06

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