Patent Information

This database is made available for information purposes only. The references to patents/patent applications have been included as notified to the ISO Central Secretariat by patent holders. ISO has not verified the veracity or accuracy of the information nor the relevance of the identified patents/patent applications to ISO Standards.

For patent information please click on the link below that leads to the Patent Database located at the ISO Central Secretariat (Information Technology Task Force (ITTF)).

ISO/IEC JTC 1 Patents database

NOTE 1: Please note that the above-mentioned database provides information about patent declaration statements obtained by the ISO/CS from the respective patent holders who granted licenses (on a non-discriminatory basis and reasonable terms and conditions) related to the JTC 1 standards. In particular, this patent information is related to the International Standards developed by the following JTC 1 subcommittees (SCs): SC 6, SC 17, SC 27, SC 28, SC 29 and SC 31.

NOTE 2: Due to the fact that SC 27 Standing Document 8 (SD8) (see document SC 27 N4348) "Patent Information" is cited in several International Standards developed by SC 27 that were published before establishing of the above-mentioned ISO Patent Database, the link below provides a direct access to this document.

Standing Document 8 (SD8)

Below is the direct link to the general ISO Patents database:

ISO Patents database (without ISO/IEC JTC 1 Standards)
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