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From lab to practice

Innovations need strong partners: DIN is involved in numerous research projects relating to the energy transition. Our goal: Help accelerate this research through standards. Standardizing the results of research facilitates market access and ensures sustainable utilization.

Gaining fast market access - globally

Over the past few years, European research programmes, such as EUMONIS, have shown which standards are needed to make decentralized energy generation economic and efficient. On the basis of this information, DIN has drawn up a number of DIN Specifications (DIN SPEC). These specifications define a uniform terminology, facilitate communication between actors and systems, make tenders more comparable and clarify interfaces, and, above all, they bring new solutions to the market - faster.

European research

Energy is being given special attention in the European research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020. DIN is the German contact partner for anyone interested in initiating a Horizon 2020 project.


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