Energy generation

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A key aspect of energy generation is decentralization: for example, via solar thermal systems in private households, or by generating gas, electricity and heat using biogas systems. Another important topic at DIN is energy generation using wind turbines.

Wind energy

Our activities in wind energy standardization illustrate the role DIN is playing in the energy transition. With standards and specifications, DIN is helping support the export strength of the German wind energy sector. These standards and specifications need to have an impact at international level as well. This is why DIN is active in representing German interests in international standards organizations by bundling national projects and bringing them to the international stage. DIN is a key partner for innovations in wind energy in all sectors - including R&D. We are the number one partner for bringing standardization to innovative research projects.

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  • Offshore wind energy. The DIN Standards Committee Shipbuilding and Marine Technology (NSMT) is responsible for standardization in the area of Offshore wind energy.