DIN bodies involved in work on the energy transition

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Solar energy

  • NA 041-01-56 AA Solar systems
  • DKE/K 373 Solar photovoltaic energy systems

Wind energy

  • NA 002-00-16 AA Coatings on wind-turbine rotor blades
  • NA 062-10-02 AA Testing of structural adhesives, structural adhesive bondings and sandwiches
  • NA 075-03-01 AA Personal protection equipment against falls from heights
  • NA 092-00-30 AA Underwater welding
  • NA 112-04-04 AA Lifesaving in water and safety equipment
  • NA 132-02-12 AA Offshore wind energy
  • NA 005-51-07 AA Wind turbines
  • NA 001-01-02 AA Noise immission - Principles, determination, rating


  • DIN Standards Committee Water Practice (NAW)
  • Acoustics, Noise Control and Vibration Engineering Standards Committee in DIN and VDI (NALS)
  • DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies of DIN and VDE
  • DIN Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering (NAM)


  • DIN Standards Committee Materials Testing (NMP)
  • DIN Standards Committee Principles of Environmental Protection (NAGUS)
  • Commission on Air Pollution Prevention of VDI and DIN - Standards Committee KRdL
  • DIN Standards Committee Food and Agricultural Products (NAL)
  • DIN Standards Committee Water Practice (NAW)

Geothermal energy

  • NA 005-05-21 AA Geothermy - Closed-loop heat exchange systems in boreholes
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Thermal energy - Industrial systems

  • NA 082-00-20 AA Thermal energy storage for commercial and other uses
  • NA 062-06-51 AA Requirements for lubricating and other oils
  • NA 062-06-61 AA Testing of lubricating oils, other oils and paraffin
  • NA 041-01-41 AA Heat transfer installations

Thermal storage - Systems in buildings

  • NA 041-01-56 AA Solar systems
  • NA 032-03-01 AA Domestic, commercial and industrial gas utilisation
  • NA 041-01-45 AA Water heaters
  • NA 041-01-62 AA Central heating boilers
  • NA 041-05-01 AA Energy performance of technical building systems

Electrochemical storage

  • DKE/K 371 Accumulators

Chemical storage

  • NA 032-02-01 AA Gas transportation
  • NA 032-02-02 AA Gas distribution
  • NA 032-02-03 AA Gas compressor stations
  • NA 032-02-04 AA Gas systems engineering
  • NA 032-02-07 AA Gas underground storage
  • NA 032-03-05 AA Gaseous fuels
  • NA 032-03-06 AA Hydrogen technology

Mechanical storage

  • NA 119-02-07 AA Water power plants
Energy efficiency Show
  • DIN Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering (NAM)
  • DIN Standards Committee Plastics (FNK)
  • DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering (NABau)
  • DIN Standards Committee Heating and Ventilation Technology (NHRS)
  • DIN Standards Committee Lighting Technology (FNL)
  • DIN Standards Committee Coatings and Coating Materials (NAB)
  • DIN Standards Committee Refrigeration Technology (FNKä)
  • DIN Standards Committee Gas Technology (NAGas)

Energy efficiency and management

DIN Standards Committee Principles of Environmental Protection (NAGUS)


  • Electromobility Office
  • NA 112-06-01-02 AK EPAC bicycle environmental assessment - Safety-related aspects
  • NA 062-06-32 AA Requirements for liquid fuels