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DIN - Driving electromobility

Pushing forward electromobility is a top priority for the German Federal Government, who has given DIN the job of supporting the introduction of electromobility through standards and specifications. The goal: To make Germany a leader in this innovative sector.

Making progress - with standards

In preparation for the June 2015 conference on electromobility, Chancellor Angela Merkel called on members of German industry, research and politics to discuss the current status of work in e-mobility. Because standards play such an important role in this, DIN also took part in these discussions.

Within DIN, the Electromobility Office is responsible for coordinating national and international standards work dealing with all aspects of e-mobility. The office serves as a central contact for all partners in all sectors. It coordinates work on standards and specifications - throughout the world - always taking the latest research findings into account.

DIN addresses all aspects of electromobility, particularly:

  • Accessibility to charging stations
  • Customer-friendly billing
  • Energy storage for electric vehicles
  • Vehicle safety and data security

Many topics - One address

DIN's Electromobility Office deals with all key aspects of e-mobility - across sectors and across borders. This brings many advantages for experts and consumers alike.


DIN e. V.

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