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DIN SPEC 91291
Emergency concept for the protection of sensitive logistics hubs - Configuration, simulation and implementation

Title (German)

Notfallkonzept für sensible Logistikagglomerationen - Konfiguration, Simulation und Implementierung




In logistical infrastructure of Germany, logistic hubs such as freight centres and logistics centres perform important tasks as logistic nodes in the supply of goods. In a freight centre, various transport modes (for example, road, rail) and actors are pooled and interlinked. Damage can regionally, nationally and even internationally lead to production downtimes and shortages of supply for industry, commerce and the public. The security scenario on which this DIN SPEC is based, assumes failure of a logistic hub by terrorist activities and/or general unforeseeable damaging events. Application of this specification shall contribute to limit the effects.

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Edition 2013-12
Original language German
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