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DIN CWA 16504; DIN SPEC 91288:2013-02
Simplified multilateral EDI - Secure electronic data interchange in non-hierarchical networks; English version CWA 16504:2012

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Vereinfachte multilaterale Kommunikation via EDI - Sicherer elektronischer Datenaustausch in nicht-hierarchischen Netzwerken; Englische Fassung CWA 16504:2012




This DIN SPEC in accordance with the CWA method is being established in the framework of inTime (In Time Delivery in non-hierarchical Manufacturing Networks of Machinery and Equipment Industry), which is one of the research projects supported by the European Commission in the 7. Framework Programme. Due to participating organizations interrelations in non-hierarchical production networks, delays on the side of the suppliers frequently lead to fluctuations and losses within the entire network. The research project has taken on this issue and wishes to improve the on-time delivery performance in the client-supplier relationship in non-hierarchical production networks. The content of the DIN SPEC deals with simplified multilateral communication using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Through standardization activities in this sector, particularly SMEs within the European machinery and installation construction sectors can profit in the future from the benefits of electronic communication in the B2B sector. In order to avoid redundancies the CWA is developed on the basis of the already existing national myOpenFactory standard (PAS 1074), the principles of which are intended to be applied on a wider European level in this manner.

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Edition 2013-02
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