City Resilience Development - Operational Guidance


This CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) defines an operational framework for cities that provides guidance on local resilience planning and supports their efforts in building resilience. The document is intended to be used by policy and decision-makers at city level and councilors working for climate change adaptation and resilience in their city, as well as by any other city stakeholder working on resilience (for examples but not limited to: critical infrastructure managers, service providers, emergency services, the media, civil society associations, non-governmental organizations, academic and research institutions as well as consultancies). The Operational Guidance consists of five steps that have to be repeated regularly. The five steps implemented in a full cycle are the following: Baseline Review, Risk Awareness, Resilience Strategy, Implementation and Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting. The CWA is part of the "City Resilience Development" series, which intends to support cities in becoming more resilient against various kinds of threats. The series consists of the following other two CWAs: "CWA 17301 City Resilience Development - Maturity Model" and "CWA 17302 City Resilience Development - Information Portal". The CWA on Operational Guidance is the overarching document that refers to the CWA 17301, CWA 17302, as well as to other supporting tools.





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