City Resilience Development - Maturity Model


The aim of the Maturity Model is to provide a tool for reflection and guidance on the resilience-building process of cities, which will enable them to compile an analysis of their current resilience status. It is primarily designed to assist local governments in assessing their current maturity stage and to identify future resilience demands and capacities needed to advance to a more mature level. The Maturity Model defines five incremental stages, which guide local governments through the ideal path for building-resilience: Starting, Moderate, Advanced, Robust, and Vertebrate. Each of these maturity stages includes a description of the objectives of each stage, the stakeholders actively involved in each maturity stage, and a list of policies that should be followed. This CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) is part of the "City Resilience Development" series, which intends to support cities in becoming more resilient against various kinds of threats. The series consists of the following other two CWAs: "CWA 17300 City Resilience Development - Operational Guidance" and "CWA 17302 City Resilience Development - Information Portal". The CWA on Operational Guidance is the overarching document that refers to the CWA 17301, CWA 17302, as well as to other supporting tools.





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