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DIN SPEC 16593-2
Mechanisms for bootstrap, advertisement and lookup of industrial IoT components

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Mechanismen für Bootstrap, Bekanntmachung und Auffinden von industriellen IoT Komponenten


The aim of the planned DIN SPEC "Mechanisms for bootstrap, advertisement and lookup of industrial IoT components" is to define a uniform mechanism for the dynamic switching of communication partners in Industrial IoT. This allows communication partners to be found - independent of a concrete implementation technology of the IIoT component, such as an administration shell in an Industry 4.0 system. It is planned to consider the following mechanisms for the switching of communication partners - Communication infrastructure for the launch phase of a IIoT component (bootstrap) with integral consideration of the security aspects for this phase - Making the communication endpoints known in order to be able to look them up (advertisement) - Lookup of communication endpoints (lookup)In the course of the activities of this DIN SPEC, in addition to the conceptual specification of a uniform mechanism for a dynamic switching of IIoT components, a detailed specification of the technological implementation is defined for a complete implementation, so that the standard can be used for developers as a specification for the implementation of the mechanism. The DIN SPEC Workshop will be offered and used as an opportunity to compare the contents of all solutions currently being developed in parallel and to use them as a starting point for the specification. The expertise of various specialist areas (IT, security and cloud, mechanical and plant engineering, etc.) is also to be combined in this way, so that a defined solution for the underlying question can be consolidated (interdisciplinary). This DIN SPEC should also be integrated into the existing standards landscape and recommendations of corresponding committees, such as the Platform Industry 4.0.Part of the framework of this DIN SPEC in particular will be the following: - Determine possible communication partners and derive requirements for the switching of these communication partners on the basis of possible deployment scenarios. - Concrete existing solutions for the (dynamic) switching of communication partners will be compared and evaluated. - Integral consideration of security mechanisms of these solutions will be described. - Definition of the requirements for a solution pattern for implementation. - The description of a solution pattern will be derived. - The concrete implementation will be described.

Edition 2019-09
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