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DIN SPEC 25716
Heavy duty bags (HDB) made of thermally welded PVC-coated fabrics - Testing of physical and mechanical properties, marking, processing procedures and type tests

Title (German)

Schwerlasttaschen (SLT) aus thermisch verschweißten PVC-beschichteten Geweben - Prüfung der physikalischen und mechanischen Eigenschaften, Kennzeichnung, Verarbeitungsverfahren und Bauart-Prüfungen


This topic has been submitted as a request for the development of a DIN SPEC according to the PAS procedure. The application is currently being examined. DIN SPECs in accordance with the PAS procedure are developed within workshops set up on a temporary basis. This document will be developed and approved by the authors who will approve the business plan. This DIN SPEC defines the materials, the processing methods, the requirements regarding the testing of mechanical and physical properties of the product, the type tests and markings of heavy-duty bags (HDB). Application requirements are not part of this document. NOTE: HDB can be used for lifting to all heights and transporting non-hazardous solid products as well as non-hazardous liquids in the designated containers. HDB can be used for lifting and transporting by mechanical, automatic and manual lifting devices, e. g. by crane. This document does not apply to bags whose straps are sewn to the bag bodies or where sewing yarn processed in the sewing process is visibly processed inside or outside the bag. This does not apply to sewn room closures, as long as they have no effect on the bags body. This document does not apply to leisure bags and bags intended for the transport of persons.

Edition 2019-07
Original language German
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