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DIN SPEC 91424
Ascertaining of working time of officers for environment protection and environmental management

Title (German)

Ermittlung der Einsatzzeiten von Betriebsbeauftragten im Bereich des Umweltschutzes und des Umweltmanagements


This DIN SPEC will specify requirements relating to the working time of officers responsible for environmental protection and environmental management systems. The former applies to representatives whose appointment is required by law (for pollution control, incident prevention, waterway protection and waste management) but also to those officers within a company who are responsible for operative and/or organizational environmental protection (including a certified management scheme according to DIN EN ISO 14001 or EMAS), but whose positions are not required by law. Both types of officer are to be found across all sectors. This DIN SPEC is aimed at organizations that need to or wish to appoint, or that have already appointed, the above officers, and also at the officers themselves, irrespective of whether they are employees or external specialists acting on behalf of the appointing organization.

Edition 2019-06
Original language German
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