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DIN SPEC 91425
Requirements for leakage detection systems, for the detection of generally hazardous substances to water, within the range of agriculture and renewable resources

Title (German)

Anforderungen an die Leckageerkennung im Bereich der Landwirtschaft und nachwachsender Rohstoffe für allgemein wassergefährdende Stoffe


This topic has been submitted as a request for the development of a DIN SPEC according to the PAS procedure. DIN SPECs in accordance with the PAS procedure are developed within DIN SPEC (PAS)-consortiums set up on a temporary basis. In the attached business plan you will find detailed information on the planned project as well as concrete time limits for commenting on the business plan (four-week commentary period) and for registering for the kick-off. This document will be developed and approved by the authors named in the business plan. This DIN SPEC is intended to define requirements for leakage detection for substances generally hazardous to water in agriculture and renewable raw materials as well as technical solutions and requirements for compliance with the best possible protection in accordance with §62 Para. 1 Sentence 3 of the WHG.

Edition 2019-05
Original language German
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