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Sustainable Dismantling and Recycling of Wind Turbines

Title (German)

Nachhaltige Demontage und Recycling von Windenergieanlagen


This DIN SPEC specifies requirements for the disassembly, dismantling and recycling of wind turbines, taking into account cost aspects and existing environmental and safety aspects. In addition, the DIN SPEC for dismantling preparation specifies the dismantling method, including the necessary technical prerequisites, investigations and planning, and provides an overview of the associated official regulatory approvals. The DIN SPEC does not specify the economic or political requirements for dismantling, continued operation or repowering. For dismantling, the DIN SPEC defines instructions for action and qualification requirements for disassembly work, taking into account existing regulations on occupational safety and environmental protection. The choice of means and technologies for disassembly are not aspects of the DIN SPEC. The instructions for the sustainable handling of the resulting material flows and their recovery, recycling and disposal routes are part of the DIN SPEC. Environmentally relevant guidelines and technical procedures for recycling are not specified by the DIN SPEC.

Edition 2019-05
Original language German
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