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DIN SPEC 33454
Selection of home-based carers according to skills and personality - Implementation and quality assurance in the recruitment process

Title (German)

Auswahl häuslicher Betreuungskräfte nach Kompetenzen und Persönlichkeit - Umsetzung und Sicherstellung der Qualität im Rekrutierungsprozess


This topic has been submitted as a request for the development of a DIN SPEC according to the PAS procedure. The application is currently being examined. DIN SPECs in accordance with the PAS procedure are developed within workshops set up on a temporary basis. This document will be developed and approved by the authors who will approve the business plan. This document (DIN SPEC 33454) specifies requirements for the selection of home-based carers and establishes criteria for ensuring quality in the recruitment process, which are intended to enable relatives in particular to achieve transparency and comparability in the search for carers. The criteria are divided into different areas: - Legal framework (including taxes and insurance); - Process steps in recruitment; - Ensuring symmetry of information; - Suitability and selection of the carer (carer competence, knowledge of German and character skills); - Costs and benefits; - Other. This standard is applicable to all providers in the selection of carers. It applies to all recruitment agencies that place carers, especially - but not exclusively - from Eastern Europe with families in Germany (approx. 400 agencies throughout Germany). Furthermore, this standard is aimed at families who are looking for a carer for a relative.

Edition 2019-05
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