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DIN SPEC 91043
Remote monitoring for decentralized drinking water treatment plants

Title (German)

Fernüberwachung für dezentrale Trinkwasseraufbereitungsanlagen


This topic has been submitted as a request for the development of a DIN SPEC according to the PAS procedure. The application is currently being examined. DIN SPECs in accordance with the PAS procedure are developed within workshops set up on a temporary basis. This document will be developed and approved by the authors who will approve the business plan. This document specifies the framework for remote monitoring facilities for the control of water quality and maintenance plan in decentralized water supply facilities that can be used for drinking water supply, agricultural applications and aquaculture. For the control of the water quality, it is determined which parameters shall be monitored, to what extent, frequency and which units shall be used. The maintenance plan determines the working and inspection intervals for each of the electrical and mechanical components according to their performance, which require different criteria and standards depending on the application.

Edition 2019-04
Original language German
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