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Blockchain-based approach to the transfer of software licenses

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Blockchain-basierter Ansatz zur Übertragung von Softwarelizenzen


A proposal has been received to develop a DIN SPEC in accordance with the PAS procedure dealing with "Blockchain-based approach to the transfer of software licenses". DIN SPECs in accordance with the PAS procedure are developed within consortiums set up on a temporary basis. The request is currently being reviewed internally by DIN. If this review is successful, a business plan will be published on the DIN website. This document will be developed and approved by the authors who will approve the business plan. The aim of the project is the standardization of terminology, process steps and delivery units as well as the visualization of license metrics to facilitate revision-proof trading and the management of software license in the future. The basis for standardization is the blockchain technology, which makes it possible to record relevant transaction times and information unalterably in a tamper-proof manner and to verify them in a revision-proof manner.

Edition 2019-03
Original language German
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