Current business plans

Number: 93

DIN SPEC 91401 2018-08 Packaging - Test method for determination of the peel strength of sealable packaging materials More 
DIN SPEC 91373-2 2018-08 Magnetocalorics - Measurement of magnetocaloric properties of magnetocaloric materials More 
DIN SPEC 77232 2018-07 Standardized financial analysis for independent professionals, sole traders, the self-employed and SMEs More 
DIN SPEC 17071 2018-07 Requirements for the production of components using additive manufacturing - Guidelines for quality-assured processes at additive manufacturing centres More 
DIN SPEC 91390 2018-05 Integrated Risk and Crisis Management in Civil Protection - Risk Management More 
DIN SPEC 91393 2018-03 Zinc-Aluminium (hot dip) coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles - Specifications and test methods More 
DIN SPEC 92222 2018-02 Reference Model for Industrial Cloud Federation More 
DIN SPEC 91387 2018-01 Communities and digital transformation - Components and processes More 
DIN SPEC 77229-5 2017-12 Technical services - Service categories and contents for industrial process engineering systems - Part 5: Cold-, heat and sound insulation More 
DIN SPEC 91384-1 2017-10 Minimum requirements for hunting rifle bullets - Part 1: Killing effect More