Current business plans

Number: 111

DIN SPEC 27070 2017-03 Reference architecture of a security gateway for the exchange of industry data and services More 
DIN SPEC 16457 2017-03 Tension-Compression-Torsion testing of short fibre reinforced thermoplastic polymers More 
DIN SPEC 91365 2017-03 Puncture and Cut Resistance of Medical Gloves More 
DIN SPEC 91368 2017-03 Samples for scientific surveys in market, opinion and social research - Quality criteria and documentation requirements More 
DIN SPEC 91366 2017-02 Reference model for characterizing the energy flexibility of industrial enterprises More 
DIN SPEC 91073 2017-02 DIGIT - Standardization of data exchange between all stakeholders of the intermodal transport for efficient communication in digital future More 
DIN SPEC 91354 2017-02 Startups - Best practice guideline for the qualification and evaluation of technology based start-ups More 
DIN SPEC 33452 2017-01 Code of practice for the provision of investigative services More 
DIN SPEC 91357 2016-09 Reference Architecture Model "Open Urban Platform" (OUP) More 
DIN SPEC 91352 2016-08 Guidelines for the scenario-based selection of evaluation methods for explosives trace detection systems More