Current business plans

Number: 85

DIN SPEC 91440 2020-04 Waterproofing of roofs of precast concrete garages More 
DIN SPEC 13288 2020-04 Guideline for the development of deep learning image recognition systems in medicine More 
DIN SPEC 17027 2020-04 Guideline for the evaluation of reliable, additively manufactured, metal components More 
DIN SPEC 96017 2020-04 Standardized quality requirements and quality inspection for individual medical devices adapted by 3D imaging and additive manufacturing More 
DIN SPEC 17028 2020-04 Additive Manufacturing - Method for non-destructive determination of mechanical properties of additive manufactured plastic parts More 
DIN SPEC 91437 2020-03 Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) based on toluol - Evaluation, testing and assurance of LOHC quality More 
DIN SPEC 32789 2020-03 A process and catalogue of requirements for checking and implementing the legal requirements in dealing with personal data in SMEs More 
DIN SPEC 33429 2020-03 Guidance for German Easy Language More 
DIN SPEC 91386 2020-03 Digital train handling in rail freight transport More 
DIN SPEC 91432 2020-02 Multi-criteria evaluation of energy systems More