Current business plans

Number: 98

DIN SPEC 91421 2019-04 Quality assurance of recycling products from dry toilets for use in horticulture More 
DIN SPEC 91043 2019-04 Remote monitoring for decentralized drinking water treatment plants More 
DIN SPEC 13266 2019-04 Guideline for the development of deep learning image recognition systems More 
DIN SPEC 77201 2019-04 Quality requirements for service dogs in security industry More 
DIN SPEC 13259 2019-04 Reusable venous tourniquets for hygienic blood sampling – requirements More 
DIN SPEC 91411 2019-04 Requirements for the technical representation of magnetic measurement scales in design drawings More 
DIN SPEC 91419 2019-04 Standard format for documentation and exchange of basic data on underground situations More 
DIN SPEC 91412 2019-04 Electric Mobility – Terminology and graphical symbols More 
DIN SPEC 4996 2019-03 Blockchain-based approach to the transfer of software licenses More 
DIN SPEC 3105 2019-03 Open Source Hardware More