Current business plans

Number: 111

DIN SPEC 91403 2019-11 Tax Compliance System - process, structure and implementation in a digital environment More 
DIN SPEC 15800 2019-10 Entertainment Technology - General Device Type Format (GDTF) More 
DIN SPEC 6745 2019-09 Recycled pulps - Direct determination of stickies by means of near-infrared measurement More 
DIN SPEC 16593-2 2019-09 Mechanisms for bootstrap, advertisement and lookup of industrial IoT components More 
DIN SPEC 9012 2019-09 Englisch: Aerospace series - Digital Certificate of Conformity (eCoC) - Requirements, design and structure More 
DIN SPEC 91429 2019-09 Design principles for early fire detection systems More 
DIN SPEC 91414 2019-08 Requirements for mobile vehicle access control systems More 
DIN SPEC 91433 2019-08 Guidelines for search area and location identification and recommendations for reporting and approval procedures in charging infrastructure planning More 
DIN SPEC 60030 2019-07 Use of special detection dogs - Mould detection dogs for locating hidden mould infestation More 
DIN SPEC 35236 2019-07 Qualification of welding coordination personal More