Current business plans

Number: 97

DIN SPEC 91424 2019-06 Ascertaining of working time of officers for environment protection and environmental management More 
DIN SPEC 13267 2019-05 Smart textiles for surface disinfection - Terminology, characteristics and requirements More 
DIN SPEC 33454 2019-05 Selection of home-based carers according to skills and personality - Implementation and quality assurance in the recruitment process More 
DIN SPEC 91426 2019-05 Quality requirements for video-based methods of personnel selection More 
DIN SPEC 4866 2019-05 Sustainable Dismantling and Recycling of Wind Turbines More 
DIN SPEC 80007 2019-05 Smart logbooks for shipping More 
DIN SPEC 91425 2019-05 Requirements for leakage detection systems, for the detection of generally hazardous substances to water, within the range of agriculture and renewable resources More 
DIN SPEC 25716 2019-05 Heavy duty bags (HDB) made of thermally welded PVC-coated fabrics - Testing of physical and mechanical properties, marking, processing procedures and type tests More 
DIN SPEC 90051 2019-04 Specification for sustainability assessment of start-ups: Criteria and method for the sustainability assessment of venture projects and young enterprises More 
DIN SPEC 91412 2019-04 Electric Mobility – Terminology and graphical symbols More