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Spacer textiles - Part 3: Determination of thickness


Spacer textiles are textile structures consisting of two textile cover surfaces and at least one spacer thread system. The cover surfaces are kept apart at a distance by the spacer thread. The structures can be woven, warp-knitted or knitted. Due to this structure, spacer textiles have special properties which make them a substitute for other, non-textile materials. Applications for spacer textiles can be found wherever increased air circulation or a comfort effect is desired due to the upholstery structure. Spacer warp-knits, for example, are used in automotive interiors as a climate comfort layer to improve air circulation in the seat. Spacer knits, on the other hand, are often used in mattress cover fabrics. Due to their special properties, spacer textiles differ from conventional, flat textiles. Up to now, however, spacer textiles have been tested according to standards for conventional textiles or other, non-textile materials. However, these standards do not take into account the special requirements for testing spacer textiles. Therefore, objective comparisons between spacer textiles and each other or with conventional, flat textiles or non-textile materials cannot be made in all areas of application. In this document, the special properties of spacer textiles are taken into account for the test procedure for determining the thickness. This document defines a method for determining the thickness of spacer textiles under specified pressure. The committee NA 106-02-11 AA "Testing equipment and methods for spacer textiles" at DIN is responsible for this standard.



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DIN 60022-3

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NA 106-02-11 AA - Test methods and test devices for spacer textiles 


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