NA 106

DIN Standards Committee Textiles and Textile Machinery

CEN/TC 443/WG 1
Feather and Down used as filling material

Revision of the following standards:- EN 1883:1998, "Feather and down - Sampling in view of tests"- EN 1885:2004, "Feather and down - Terms and definitions"- EN 12131:1998, "Feather and down - Test methods - Determination of the quantitative composition of feather and down (manual method)"- EN 12934:1999, "Feather and down - Composition labelling of precessed feathers and down for use as sole filling material"- EN 13088:2001 "Manufactured articles filled with feather and down - Method for the determination of a filled product's total mass and for the determination of the mass of the filling"

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 443/WG 1

Committee ID Name
NA 106-01-04 AA Feather and down; Mirror committee to CEN/TC 443