NA 145

DIN Standards Committee Technology of Materials

NA 145-04-01 AA
Additive Manufacturing - Interdisciplinary topics/Digitalization

The working committee NA 145-04-01 AA of the DIN standards committee technology of materials (NWT) has the task of working on interdisciplinary topics relating to additive manufacturing. This includes standards and standardization projects that deal with terminology, software and testing, assuming that material-specific standards and standardization projects cannot easily be assigned to the working committees NA 145-04-02 GA (Metals) and NA 145-04-03 GA (Plastics & Elastomers). NA 145-04-01 AA is the German mirror committee to the Technical Committees CEN/TC 438 "Additive Manufacturing" and ISO/TC 261 "Additive Manufacturing", and also to the working groups ISO/TC 261/CAG, AG 1, JAG, WG 1, WG 2, WG 3, WG 4 and WG 6. NA 145-04-01 AA is where German opinion is formed on the described matters and also where the German delegates and working group experts for CEN/TC 438 and ISO/TC 261 are appointed.

Subordinate Committees of NA 145-04-01 AA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 145-04-01-03 GAK Additive Manufacturing - NWT & FNK Joint working committee Plastics & Elastomers 0


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