NA 145

DIN Standards Committee Technology of Materials

ISO/TC 261/JG 61
Joint ISO/TC 261-ASTM F 42 Group: Mechanical properties characterization of additively manufactured metallic materials

ISO/TC 261/JG 61 is a Joint Group for developing standards on testing of metallic materials in order to provide information on mechanical properties considering specificities of Additive Manufacturing. Those are in particular: anisotropy, location and size dependence of mechanical properties, simplified screening tests, etc. Using as basis the existing ISO and ASTM standards for testing, the documents developed in JG 61 provide additional requirements, recommendations and information required for Additive Manufacturing.

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 261/JG 61

Committee ID Name
NA 145-04-02 GA Additive Manufacturing – NWT, NAS & NL Joint working committee Metals and Aerospace