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Number: 26

ISO/CD TS 22028-5 2021-01-13 Photography and graphic technology - Extended colour encodings for digital image storage, manipulation and interchange - Part 5: High dynamic range and wide colour gamut image encoding for still images (HDR/WCG) More  Comment 
ISO/AWI TS 21139-22 2021-01-11 Permanence and durability of commercial prints - Part 22: Backlit display in indoor or shaded outdoor conditions More  Comment 
ISO/DIS 5926 2020-12-23 Technical requirements and test methods for digital cinema stereoscopic projection More  Comment 
DIN EN 17736 2020-12-08 Entertainment technology - Specifications for design and manufacture of aluminium stage decks and frames; German version EN 17736:2022 More  Comment 
ISO/DIS 15739 2020-12-02 Photography - Electronic still-picture imaging - Noise measurements More  Comment 
ISO 12233 2019-08-02 Photography - Electronic still picture imaging - Resolution and spatial frequency responses More  Comment