NA 149

DIN Standards Committee Entertainment Technology, Photography and Cinematography

NA 149-00-01 AA
Photographic media

The working group NA 149-00-01 AA "Photographic media" is concerned with the characteristics of: - film and paper for still photography, cinematography, x-ray photography and reprography; - printing materials, such as inkjet-paper, photobooks, etc.; - digital media such as magnetic tapes, CDs and MODs. These include provisions for storage and processing conditions as well as methods for determining the durability. NA 149-00-01 AA serves as the national mirror committee to ISO/TC 42 "Photography" and to one working group of ISO/TC 36 "Cinematography" for the international standardization work. The committee works with diligence on the development of standards for all needs of photographic media and works intensively in the corresponding working groups.


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