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ISO/DIS 21072-3 2020-01-22 Ships and marine technology - Marine environment protection: performance testing of oil skimmers - Part 3: High viscosity oil More  Comment 
DIN EN ISO 7840 2020-01-17 Small craft - Fire-resistant fuel hoses (ISO/DIS 7840:2020); German and English version prEN ISO 7840:2020 More  Comment 
ISO/WD 3725 2020-01-03 Ships and marine technology - Ballast water sampling - Verification testing protocol for compliance monitoring devices More  Comment 
DIN 82325 2019-12-13 Ships and marine technology - Dimensioning for air condition and air ventilation plants for accommodation on ships More  Comment 
DIN EN 00015078 2019-12-11 Inland navigation vessels - Safety rota and safety plans for passenger vessels More  Comment 
DIN 95364 2019-12-11 Elastomer mounts; buffer, types A to G More  Comment 
DIN 95363 2019-12-11 Elastomer mounts; stud mounts; types A to F More  Comment 
DIN 95369 2019-12-11 Elastomer mounts - Cap mounts type A More  Comment 
DIN 95368 2019-12-11 Elastomer mounts - Cone mounts types A to C More  Comment 
DIN 95367 2019-12-11 Elastomer mounts - Roof mounts, types A and B More  Comment