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DIN Standards Committee Shipbuilding and Marine Technology


DIN SPEC 86002
Ships and marine technology - Comparison of copper alloys in accordance with DIN and DIN EN standards for pipeline equipment

Title (German)

Schiffe und Meerestechnik - Gegenüberstellung von Kupferlegierungen nach DIN- und DIN-EN-Normen für Rohrleitungsbauteile




This DIN SPEC provides an overview over the materials used on ships in pipeline construction and for pipe fittings. The new and old designations are described in a comparison and, if necessary, substitute materials given for materials which are no longer standardized. The Committee has decided to revise and re-publish the previous preliminary standard, as it continues to apply.

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NA 132-02-06 AA - Fittings armatures 

Edition 2011-02
Original language German
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