NA 085

DIN Standards Committee Round Steel Link Chains


Round steel link chains - Round steel link chains, grade 4, from quenched and tempered quality steel and bright


This document applies to tested, small tolerance, round steel short link chains of grade 4, in quenched and tempered design and with bright finish, with a range for the nominal diameter d from 4 mm to 42 mm and a working force from 2,5 kN to 280 kN, and for a permissible Service temperature from - 20°C to + 550°C. It specifies their dimensions and mechanical properties. Round steel chains according to this document are used for general purposes in the whole field of engineering.



Planned document number

DIN 765

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Responsible national committee

NA 085-00-02 AA - Round steel link chains, components and accessories for general purposes  

draft standard

Round steel link chains - Round steel link chains, grade 4, from quenched and tempered quality steel and bright
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Round steel short link chains for use in pulley blocks, calibrated

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