NA 085

DIN Standards Committee Round Steel Link Chains


Round steel link chains - Round steel link chains for lashing of ISO containers


This document applies to tested, large tolerance, long-link round steel chains with a breaking force of 800 N/mm2, in quenched and tempered and natural black design, with a nominal pitch of t = 6 × d, a range for the nominal diameter d of 9 mm to 16 mm and an working force of 40 kN to 125 kN, and for an Service temperature of 0 °C to +200 °C. It specifies their dimensions and mechanical properties. Round steel link chains according to this document are preferably used for lashing of ISO containers according to ISO 668, among others, on ocean-going vessels. Their general application is specified in ISO 3874 and exemplified for round steel chains for lashing.



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DIN 82011

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NA 085-00-05 AA - Round steel link chains, components and accessories for marine purposes 


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