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DIN 23320-2
Flameproof protective clothing for the mining industry - Protective clothing for people of mine rescue and gas rescue crews - Part 2: Single-piece working suits

Title (German)

Flammenschutzkleidung für den Bergbau - Schutzkleidung für Gruben- und Gasschutzwehren - Teil 2: Einteilige Anzüge


Flameproof protective clothing is used in the mining industry by mine rescue crews during underground operations and by gas rescue crews during overground operations in case of danger by burning during explosions, deflagration and other flashes. The protective clothing standardized in 5 parts consists of working suits, underwear, protective hoods and protective gloves. The underwear is an indispensible part of the protective clothing without which the protective goal is not achieved. The standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 008-07-01 AA "Persönliche Sicherheits- und Schutzausrüstung" ("Personal safety and protection equipment") of the Mining Standards Committee (FABERG).

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NA 075-06-01 AA - Personal safety and protective equipment for mining sectors 

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