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DIN 53121
Testing of paper and board - Determination of the bending stiffness by the beam method

Title (German)

Prüfung von Papier, Karton und Pappe - Bestimmung der Biegesteifigkeit nach der Balkenmethode


This document has been prepared by NA 074-02-03 AA "Physikalisch-technische Prüfverfahren für Papier, Pappe und Faserstoff" ("Physical-technological test methods for paper and board"). This standard specifies three test methods for the determination of the bending stiffness of paper and board. The four point method shall be applied for corrugated board. Devices for this purpose can be both bending devices that comply with the physical scheme (5.3.1) as well as bending devices into which the ends of the sample are clamped. Details in this standard refer to test equipment complying with the physical scheme in Figure 4.

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NA 074-02-03 AA - Physical-technological test methods for paper and board 

Edition 2014-08
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