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DIN 54145-2
Non-destructive testing - Electromagnetic detection - Part 2: Active electro-magnetic induction methods

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Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung - Elektromagnetische Detektionsverfahren - Teil 2: Aktive elektromagnetische Induktionsverfahren


This document has been prepared by Working Committee NA 062-08-24 AA "Elektrische und magnetische Prüfverfahren" ("Electrical and magnetic test methods") at the Materials Testing Standards Committee (NMP) at DIN. The standard series DIN 54145 "Non-destructive testing - Electromagnetic detection" consists of the following parts: - Part 1: Passive magnetics - Part 2: Active electro-magnetic induction methods Unexploded ordnance from past wars and military conflicts present a risk potential. Within the frame of hazard prevention methods and procedures have been developed to locate this ordnance in order to recover and render them harmless. For localization detection methods have been developed, based on the measurement of the earth's magnetic field, electromagnetic fields as well as reflected surface radar waves. The detector parameters specified in the standard series and their test by, on the one hand, the manufacturer and on the other hand the user, provides a characteristic picture of the detector allowing third parties to decide on the usability of the detector. This document specifies the minimum requirements for the extent and verification of parameters for electro-magnetic detectors of ordnance. Part 2 of this standard series applies for detectors for metallic impediments created by the casing and other components of the ordnance. Detectors for metallic impediments use active methods to detect local anomalies in the surrounding medium, amongst others caused by objects which differ, for example, by varying conductivity from the surrounding soil.

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NA 062-08-24 AA - Electrical and magnetic test methods 

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