NA 062

DIN Standards Committee Materials Testing

NA 062-08-31 AA
Viscometry and Rheometry

The working group NA 062-08-31 AA "Viscometry and Rheometry" is concerned with standardization work in the field of the measurement of rheological properties as a measure of the deformation and flow behaviour of a fluid or a gas. The area of responsibility involves the description of measuring equipment and standard geometries, the requirements of the measuring procedures and the evaluation of the results. Common measuring devices are for example capillary viscometers like Ubbelohde viscometers, rotational rheometers or the rolling ball (Höppler) viscometers. The working group also gives attention to the standardization of basic principles in the field of viscometry and rheometry such as the determination of the temperature coefficient of viscosity of Newtonian fluids or basics of oscillatory rheometry.


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