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DIN 52043
Bitumen and bituminous binders - Frost-thaw alternating test for emulsions

Title (German)

Bitumen und bitumenhaltige Bindemittel - Frost-Tau-Wechselversuch an Emulsionen


This document has been prepared by Joint Working Committee NA 062-03-32 GA "Bitumen; Prüfverfahren und Anforderungen für die Bindemittel" ("Bitumen; test methods and specifications of binders") at the Standards Committees Materials Testing (NMP) and Building and Civil Engineering (NABau) at DIN. This document specifies a method for the determination of a potential coagulation of emulsions, during a single freeze/thaw cycle. The residue on sieving is used as a measure for coagulation. Bituminous emulsions complying with the freeze/thaw cycle test according to this standard, that means, subsequently possess a uniform quality and can be conventionally processed, are not intended to overwinter outside. They only provide increased safety against single freezing in case of early sudden frost or overnight frost in the transitional period.

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NA 062-03-32 GA - Joint working committee NMP/NABau/FGSV Bitumen; test methods and specifications of binders 

Edition 2014-05
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