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Number: 7

DIN 53345-6 2021-02-28 Testing of fat liquors and greases for leather; methods of analysis, determination of pH-value in hydrate emulsion or solution More  Comment 
DIN 52275-2 2021-02-28 Testing of mineral fibrous insulating materials; determination of linear dimensions and bulk density, casings More  Comment 
DIN 51028 2021-02-28 Testing of filter sands for air-raid shelter ventilation - Determination of flow resistance More  Comment 
DIN 52098 2021-01-31 Aggregates test methods - Determination of particle size distribution by wet sieving More  Comment 
DIN 54413 2021-02-28 Testing of ion exchangers - Determination of total organic carbon extractable with water More  Comment 
DIN ISO 2271 2021-03-31 Surface active agents; detergents; determination of anionic-active matter (direct two-phase titration procedure) More  Comment 
DIN 1995-4 2021-02-28 Bitumen and bituminous binders - Requirements for the binders - Part 4: Petroleum cut-back bitumen More  Comment