NA 051

DIN Standards Committee Municipal Services


Prefabricated sanitation systems without connection to water supply and sewage system - requirements and product features


This document applies to systems that are not connected to a central sewage disposal system and for whose operation no external water supply is needed. Systems with internal re-circulation are part of this standard. This document applies to systems for collection, storage and treatment of human excreta (mainly faeces and urine) in private households, as well as in companies and facilities in the private and public sector. In addition to permanent installations, temporary applications are also covered. These systems are part of an overall concept for wastewater-free collection, transport, treatment and recycling or disposal of human excreta. This standard applies to pre-fabricated or onsite assembled systems. It specifies requirements, test methods and marking of such systems.



Planned document number

DIN 30762

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NA 051 BR-05 SO - Non-sewered sanitation system 


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