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DIN 19051-4 Beiblatt 1
Test charts for micrography - Part 4: Test chart B for optical density and for determination of scale of reproduction; Supplement 1: Test card with different grey values for practical use

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Testvorlagen für die Mikrographie - Teil 4: Testblatt B zum Prüfen der optischen Dichte und zum Ermitteln des Abbildungsmaßstabes der Aufnahme; Beiblatt 1: Testtafel mit Graufeldern zur praktischen Anwendung


DIN 19051-4 specifies the test chart B for testing the upper optical density of negatives and determining the scale of reproduction of the image when microfilming. An image of the test chart shall be taken at the beginning and end of a microfilm roll or a series of images. When using a rotary and/or planetary camera the microfilm image of the test chart shall always be taken in incident light. Supplement 1 to DIN 19051-4 contains two test tables with natural density cards for practical use for microfilming (up to format template A3) prior and after a self-contained series of images of templates. Supplement 2 to DIN 19051-4 contains two test charts in accordance with DIN 19051-4 for practical use when microfilming with rotary and/or planetary cameras with automatic exposure control. With this test chart B the optical density of negatives is measured and tested and the scale of reproduction is determined. The documents have been prepared by Working Group NA 009-00-14-01 AK "NABD/NVBF Arbeitskreis DIN 19051" ("NABD/NVBF Working group DIN 19051") which includes experts of Working Committee NA 009-00-14 AA "Bestandserhaltung in Archiven und Bibliotheken" ("Preservation for archives and libraries") and Working Committee NA 149-00-01 AA "Fotografische Medien" ("Photographic media"). The Entertainment Technology, Photography and Cinematography Standards Committee (NVBF) is the body responsible for the document and the Information and Documentation Standards Committee (NABD) is contributor.

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NA 009-00-14 AA - Preservation for archives and libraries 

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