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Information und documentation – Object preserving digitization of archive and library material


This standard applies to the digitisation of archive and library materials. It defines requirements and recommendations to be taken into account when planning digitisation projects in libraries and archives and when scanning the objects they hold in custody in a way that is gentle on the objects. It applies both to the digitisation of documents on a large scale and to the scanning of individual items. The digitisation of objects and information that are not to be preserved in their original substance is not covered by the standard. Nor does the standard deal with the 3D digitisation of archive and library material. This standard supports the planning of digitisation processes, but does not regulate the necessary preliminary conceptual considerations. The standard is based on the assumption that the decision to digitise from the original was made after careful consideration of the subject matter, especially with regard to the preservation of the holdings, and that relevant holdings were selected for digitisation. Both of the technical decision areas, the type of original document to be digitised and the prioritisation of the holdings, are not covered by this standard. Photographing or scanning written material for use in the reading room and the digitisation of audiovisual media are not considered. This standard does not provide a complete list of possible scanning methods or of the media forms held and digitised by libraries and archives. The specific requirements of a library or archive for the digitisation of media that is gentle on the objects may go beyond the requirements dealt with in this standard. The specifications are limited to object-specific requirements. This standard does not make any statements about the quality of the reproductions produced in the process, about the requirements for the technical or content metadata required for this or about the measures required for the long-term preservation and availability of the resulting reproductions. The occupational health and safety regulations and other legal requirements applicable to all work processes described must be observed in addition. This standard does not deal with liability issues or the insurance of objects. It does not make any statements about the legal protection of data, information or works, which may have to be additionally observed when scanning the objects.



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DIN 33910

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NA 009-00-14-02 AK - Objektschonende Digitalisierung 



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