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ISO/AWI TS 24064 2019-06-11 Document management - Portable Document Format - 3D data streams conforming to the ISO 10303:242 (STEP AP242) specification More  Comment 
ISO/CD 24143 2019-06-04 Information and documentation - Information Governance - Concept and principles More  Comment 
ISO/AWI TR 18128 2019-05-21 Information and documentation - Risk assessment for records processes and systems More  Comment 
ISO/CD 233-3 2019-05-20 Information and documentation - Transliteration of Arabic characters into Latin characters - Part 3: Persian language - Simplified transliteration More  Comment 
ISO/CD 13008 2019-05-15 Information and documentation - Digital records conversion and migration process More  Comment 
ISO/WD TR 24332 2019-02-13 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology in relation to authoritative records, records systems, and records management More  Comment 
DIN 1460-1 2018-11-27 Romanization of Cyrillic alphabets - Part 1: Romanization of Cyrillic alphabets of Slavic languages More  Comment 
ISO/DIS 19475 2018-10-02 Document management - Minimum requirements for the storage of documents More  Comment 
ISO/CD TR 22943 2018-09-05 Principles of identification More  Comment 
ISO/CD 23527 2018-08-21 Information and documentation - Research activity identifier information technology - Learning, education, training and research (RAiD) More  Comment