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Characters in Unicode for the electronic processing of names and data exchange in Europe; with digital attachment


This document specifies the characters that are required for names in the broader sense. Names in the broader sense are names of natural persons according to the requirements of civil status law as well as names of legal persons, names of products, places and streets and titles of documents or laws. Names in the broader sense can denote concrete objects, but also virtual constructs such as product groups or music styles. It is divided into a normative part and a non-standard part. The normative part specifies the subset of characters and character sequences contained in Unicode that is required for IT procedures for the electronic processing of names based on Latin script and must therefore be supported by all IT procedures conforming to this specification. This part shall also determine any mapping of the normative letters to the capital letters A to Z that may be required. In the non-normative part, additional characters from Unicode are defined, which may be required to form names of legal entities or products In the context of the EU-wide data exchange, there is an extended need for Greek and Cyrillic characters. This section also proposes regular expressions for technical data types. The normative part determines a minimum number of characters. IT procedures conforming to this document may support additional characters. In interface agreements, however, it is necessary to define the respective character set finally. In Section 7, regular expressions for specific applications are provdied. For this purpose, certain character groups are combined into a set of permitted characters. The regular expressions recommended in the non-standard part only accept the underlying characters and can be implemented in technical data types. This standard is based on the Unicode standard and is primarily aimed at authorities and organisations that operate IT procedures that serve the exchange of data between authorities or with citizens and business. It covers the official EU languages and the official languages of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland as well as the German minority languages. All characters and character sequences mentioned in this DIN SPEC are available in Normalization Form C (NFC) of Unicode Standard Annex #15 "Unicode Normalization Forms". This document does not deal with the representation of historical characters or continuous text.



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DIN 91379

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NA 043-03-03-04 AK - Electronic Processing of Names 


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