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DIN EN 16570
Information technology - Notification of RFID - The information sign and additional information to be provided by operators of RFID application systems; German version EN 16570:2014

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Informationstechnik - Notifizierung von RFID - Das Informationszeichen und zusätzliche Informationen, die von den Betreibern von RFID-Anwendungssystemen bereitgestellt werden müssen; Deutsche Fassung EN 16570:2014


DIN EN 16570 defines the requirements for a Common European Notification Signage system to be used by operators of RFID application systems deployed within the EU Member States. These requirements for common European RFID notification signs are to be used by operators of RFID applications to indicate the presence of a radio frequency identification (RFID) system. In addition, this standard also defines procedures for making RFID tags visible which are attached to or embedded in objects that can be purchased or are in use within the European Union. As a rule, the requirement that operators of RFID systems use a common European sign to notify the presence of an RFID system will have consequences for the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) document that they are required to draw up to assess the privacy impact of their RFID system. Such a notification sign is an essential means of mitigating potential risks. This European Standard defines in particular: a) the details of data and graphics that shall be included on the signage; b) the presentational requirements for the signage; c) means to support accessibility; d) the structure and content of an information policy to meet the informational needs of individuals with respect to RFID privacy. The common European RFID notification sign comprises three elements: a) the common European RFID Notification Emblem; b) the scope and purpose of the RFID application; c) the contact point where further information about the application may be obtained. The objective of this EN is to provide enterprises, both large and small, with a common and accessible framework for the design and display of RFID notification signs. In March 2009, the European standardization organizations CEN, CENELEC and ETSI accepted the European Commission's Mandate M/436 to draw up and execute a standardization work programme for the sector-specific implementation of RFID applications. The focus of the Mandate is the data protection, protection of privacy and data storage. This European standard is one of eleven deliverables for Mandate M/436. DIN EN 16570:2014 has been prepared by European Technical Committee CEN/TC 225 "AIDC technologies", the secretariat of which is held by NEN (Netherlands). The committee responsible for this standard is NA 043-01-31 AA "Automatische Identifikation und Datenerfassungsverfahren" ("Automatic identification and data capture techniques") of the Information Technology and selected IT Applications Standards Committee (NIA) at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 043-01-31 AA - Automatic Identification and Data Capture Techniques 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 225 - AIDC technologies 

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