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DIN 5009 2021-01-08 Announcing and dictating texts and characters in word and information processing for office applications More  Comment 
ISO/IEC AWI 23200-2 2021-01-06 Information technology - Radio frequency identification for item management - Part 2: Interference rejection performance test method between an Interrogator as defined in ISO/IEC 18000-63 and a heterogeneous wireless system More  Comment 
ISO/IEC AWI TS 5928 2021-01-01 Information technology - Cloud computing and distributed platforms - Modern platforms taxonomy More  Comment 
ISO/IEC AWI 5259-2 2021-01-01 Data quality for analytics and ML - Part 2: Part 2: Data quality measures More  Comment 
ISO/IEC/IEEE DIS 29119-1 2021-01-01 Software and systems engineering - Software testing - Part 1: Concepts and definitions More  Comment 
ISO/IEC AWI 27031 2020-12-17 Information technology - Cybersecurity - Information and communication technology readiness for business continuity More  Comment 
ISO/IEC AWI 28360-1 2020-12-16 Information technology - Office equipment - Determination of chemical emission rates from electronic equipment - Part 1: Using-consumables More  Comment 
ISO/IEC AWI 30172 2020-12-14 Digital Twin - Use cases More  Comment 
ISO/IEC AWI 3721-1 2020-12-14 Information technology - Computer graphics, image processing and environmental data representation - Information model for Mixed and Augmented Reality Contents - Part 1: Core Objects and Attributes More  Comment 
ISO/IEC DIS 29140 2020-12-11 Information technology for learning, education and training - Nomadicity and mobile technologies More  Comment