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DIN EN 126
Multifunctional controls for gas burning appliances; German version EN 126:2012

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Mehrfachstellgeräte für Gasgeräte; Deutsche Fassung EN 126:2012


Multifunctional controls for gas burning appliances are used, amongst others, in heaters, combination devices, instantaneous water heaters and gas ovens with automatic direct ignition or intermittent pilot burner. The European Standard EN 126 specifies the safety, construction and performance requirements for multifunctional controls for the aforementioned and similar applications. This European Standard EN 126 is applicable to multifunctional controls with declared maximum inlet pressures up to and including 50 kPa (500 mbar) of nominal connection sizes up to and including DN 150 for use with one or more fuel gases in accordance with EN 437. Multifunctional controls consist of two or more functions, at least one of which is a mechanical control, as specified in the relevant control standards. Multifunctional controls consisting only of electronics are not covered by EN 126 (an example is a combination of functions according to EN 298 and EN 1643).

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Responsible national committee

NA 041-03-10 GA - Joint working committee NHRS/NAA/NAGas: Safety and control devices for heating appliances and heat generating systems and for the gas distribution (SpA CEN/TC 58, WG 11, WG 13, WG 15 and ISO/TC 161, WG 3, WG 4, WG 5)  

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CEN/TC 58/WG 11 - Generics  

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