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DIN 22110-3
Testing methods for conveyor belt joints - Part 3: Determination of time strength for conveyor belt joints (dynamical testing method)

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Prüfverfahren für Fördergurtverbindungen - Teil 3: Ermittlung der Zeitfestigkeit für Fördergurtverbindungen (Dynamisches Prüfverfahren)


The standard applies to steelcord conveyor belts and conveyor belts with textile plies and specifies a simple method for determining reproducible fatigue limits under cyclic fatigue loading. The reference fatigue limit determined by applying this method to conveyor belt loop specimens is an indicator for the load bearing capacity of the conveyor belt. It depends in particular on the construction of the conveyor belt joint, the used materials and the workmanship. This method has been developed based on the demands for carrying out the loading of conveyor belt specimens and their joints using a minimum amount of material and a procedure being as practice-oriented, continuous, cyclic and time-lapsed as possible. The method enabled the development of improved joints, in particular for steelcord conveyor belts of medium and high strength. The load cycle duration and bending cycle frequency have been specified such as to prevent the failure of the tested conveyor belt specimens from being adversely influenced by unrealistic secondary factors (such as ageing due to excessive heating). Furthermore, additional loads due to belt guide devices have been neglected since those loads are highly dependent on system-specific parameters (such as turnover and transition lengths) and are reasonably to be considered individually. The standard has been prepared by NA 008-05-03 AA "Fördergurte" ("Conveyor belts") of the Standards Committee Mining (FABERG).

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NA 045-02-05 AA - conveyor belts 

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