NA 045

DIN Standards Committee Elastomer Technology


Elastomer glazing and panel gaskets for windows and claddings - Technical delivery conditions - Part 1: silicone glazing and panel gaskets


This document specifies the requirements for silicone materials, used for the manufacturing of silicone-profiles for the sealing of windows, doors, facades, ventilation and similar objects against air and water. This documents distinguishes between gaskets for the use in facades and of such for windows. Façade application refers to gaskets used in facades as defined in DIN EN 13830. Especially for applications where a subsequent replacement in facades is connected with increased efforts, e.g. requiring the demolition of components to facilitate the replacement or due to difficult accessible position. Window application refers to gaskets used in windows as defined in DIN EN 12519. Especially where a subsequent replacement is connected with less effort.



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DIN 7863-4

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NA 045-02-16 AA - Elastomeric seals for windows, fronts, doors 


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